Spy Pen Surveillance: Keeping The Kids In Line

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Everyone knows that, nowadays, the raising of children can be a far more troubling and dangerous affair than it has ever been in the past. Many factors, from the increasingly media saturation of swiftly globalizing society, to the reevaluation of gender roles that has taken place in the wake of the feminist movement, have changed irrevocably the face of modern parenting. Sometimes it can be difficult, or nearly impossible, to know how to simultaneously, provide for, and give adequate guidance to a family which seems to be growing up faster than ever as a part of a new generation whose values and guiding ambitions seem unaccountably foreign. Above all, providing security to this new breed of offspring, who sometimes seem to exist merely as a group of sparkly pixels in a world of interactive media and role playing game sites, presents in itself a whole new set of perplexing challenges.


It may come as no surprise to many parents and readers of this site to learn that purchases of home surveillance equipment, in particular many different styles and makes of the increasingly common portable, hand held spy pen camera device, have spiked in recent years and, in fact, continue to grow. For home owners, especially, the benefits accruing from the ownership of a spy pen are many and varied. In particular, the pen camera can be an invaluable aid in recording the nefarious misdeeds of home invaders, burglars, property squatters, suddenly and accountably violent neighbors, rampaging ex-spouses who disregard restraining orders, and many other varieties of miscreant riff raff.


All one need do is place the spy pen camera recorder device in the corner fold of the pocket protector on one’s shirt, depress the recording mechanism, and simply keep the lens pointed in the direction of the individual performing the nefarious misdeed. The camera pen will do the rest, resulting in a series of crystal clear quality photographic or video images which can then be downloaded onto one’s computer, and printed onto a disc or other media in order to be shown in a court of law to a judge who will then reward the criminal offender with the freshly reaped bitter harvest of their putrified judgment and ill-considered acts.


Obviously, within the context of domestic issues involving the rebellious, rather than expressly criminal, deeds of misbehaving teenagers, no such appeal to the courts of punitive judgment need be made. However, knowledgeable owners of the spy camera pen will still find plenty of use for this ingenious little covert surveillance tool. Leaving one in the fold of a jacket hanging on a towel rack in the laundry room might just catch young Junior indulging in a little cannabis. Or, “accidentally” leaving one a pen spy camera on the bedside desk of teenage Judy might record her enjoying a little hanky panky with that neighborhood kid who you suspect sells pot to Junior. Obviously, the purchase of a pen camera surveillance unit has many benefits to bestow in both the professional and domestic spheres.

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