Interview with a Private Investigator

spy penSpypenHQ: How long have you been a private investigator and what field do you specialize in?

Private Investigator Dave: I’ve been working in the industry for 15 years and have worked cases in marital infidelity, corporate espionage, false death claims and insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is far and away my niche speciality, and it is considered the ‘bread and butter’ of the industry.

SpypenHQ: What does that entail exactly? You obviously have to follow these individuals and obtain video of them?

Private Investigator Dave: Yes precisely. It is our mandate to obtain non-biased video and photographic documentation of the individual under investigation while abiding by the individual state and provincial laws.

SpypenHQ: Interesting. So what type of equipment do you use, other than a spy pen?

Private Investigator Dave: We typically utilize multiple hidden cameras and video equipment depending on the situation. For example, while filming from our vehicle or a discreet location, an HD high-end video camera is used, as image quality is what often sells the client. With this in mind however, it is obviously difficult to film our subjects while within close proximity of them without our intentions becoming obvious. Discretion becomes an issue.

SpypenHQ: So that is where smaller spy cameras and equipment such as spy pens come into play?

Private Investigator Dave: Yes, precisely. A spy pen is ideal due to its size. I could easily hold it in my hand or put it within the breast pocket of my shirt. Who stops to look at a pen to see if it is a camera? And even so, it would require a hands on inspection by someone specifically looking for camera parts, which of course never happens.

SpypenHQ: Thanks Dave, we appreciate your insight. Join us for part two where we get specific scenarios from Dave and discuss his favourite style of spy pen.


Part 2 


SpypenHQ: Thanks for taking some more time to sit and talk with us. To continue where we left off, can you provide an example of a situation where a spy pen camera was used?

Private Investigator Dave: Sure, well, there really are so many examples. Ok, here is a common scenario.: The client has an address for an individual who lives in a high-rise apartment building but no description. We have a name, D.O.B, and nothing else. To make things worse the apartment is in a crime riddled area and it really isn’t safe to be hanging around inside the stairwell or lingering in the hallway.

SpypenHQ: Sounds like a difficult situation.

Private Investigator Dave: Indeed it can be. As you would imagine, this is where hidden cameras, such as spy pens or button cams come into use. So, a typical tactic may be to knock on the subjects door, wearing a mini spy pen camera in the breast pocket facing out. A pretext is in order, a variety of which we use—i’ll save that for another interview however—to identify the individual before us is in fact the subject. While we briefly engage the individual in conversation, our spy pen is of course obtaining covert video of them.

SpypenHQ: Great, so now you have them visually identified.

Private Investigator Dave: You hit the nail on the head. The hidden camera captured their appearance. After ejecting from the encounter, we can now obtain a surveillance position outside of the building, thanks to the ID image provided by the spy pen.

SpypenHQ: That is definitely an advantage! I am sure there are more.

Private Investigator Dave: Absolutely, hidden cameras are indispensable to our job. Especially in casinos, gyms, and airports where anything more overt then a pen would garner unwanted attention.

SpypenHQ: Thanks Dave, we appreciate the insight into the world of private investigators. Will you come back and do some more interviews for

Private Investigator Dave: My pleasure!


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